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  Poor Man's Poison's Profile Page  

Contestant's Picture Poor Man's Poison is a California based band, playing all original music. I think a reviewer best described the group's sound when he stated,

"They play acoustic music on traditional bluegrass instruments but this is far from traditional sounding. You get all kinds of influences from folk to reggae in their style. Think of perhaps Jack Johnson having grown up in Appalachia instead of Hawaii. I mean this in a really good way. There is a sweet, laid-back vibe to this record. Tight harmonies and great playing infuse the songs with such a good feeling."
ó Chris Schmid, The Discriminating Music Aficionado

Having already cultivated a devoted following in California and beyond, Poor Manís Poison is headlining venues throughout the US and working on their fourth album.

Aside from being incredible songwriters and musicians, the members of Poor Manís Poison are true performers. The band recently performed at The Sundance Film Festival, MTV Awards ECO Pre-Party, Guantanamo Bay Cuba where they were honored to play for our US Troops. Poor Man's Poison made history this year, becoming the first non labeled band to ever sell out the historic Hanford Fox Theater (1,100 seats). Here is a live clip from the show:

  "C'mon Down" lyrics
Greedy Man Looks like you've got it all figured out
You got all them fancy things, and that big ol' trophy house
And all you ever really wanted was a little bit more
And then more turned into more turned into more


Ain't nothin' wrong with a little bit of money
It might do you some good if you went hungry now
See round here the greedy man ain't nothin' but a fool
And his money ainít nothing but a cemetery tool
Around here the greedy man just wonít do
And round here, The greedy man is you
Yeah the greedy man is you

So let me, let you in on a little secret
There ainít nothin' you own worth keepin' and a
Rat racing for a bunch of fools gold
And on the way down there ya done sold your soul

Just remember what goes around comes around
Steppin' on people just to come back down with them
Pockets as deep as the grave your in
But them pockets won't save you from the end my friend

  Poor Man's Poison - Showdown Hall of Fame Member
"Poor Man's Poison" won the 2012 Texaco Country Showdown National Final! Their live performance is just like their sound: distinctive, captivating and leaves you wanting to hear some more!

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Instrument(s): Bass, Mandolin
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