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Ash Lee is the Featured Performer of the Week | 03/12/2012 

After securing over 5,000 hits to her site this past week, Ash Lee is the "Featured Performer of the Week" for the week of March 12, 2012!

Ash Lee is a young pop country artist who knows what she wants. This eighteen year- old Texan bring something different and mesmerizing to the stage. From her big voice, big blond hair, and big blue eyes, this petite girl is proof that everything is bigger and better in texas. She has always had a love for all music but being raised in a family where country music was the almost only thing played gave her a passion to want to sing and write songs to be remembered by. AshLee has been performing and perfecting country tunes since she was five years old!

To learn more about Ash Lee, visit her Profile Page!

And to see how you can become the "Featured Performer of the Week," click here.

Congratulations, Ash Lee!

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