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George Marshall is the Featured Performer of the Week | 02/28/2012 

After securing over 1,300 hits to his website this past week, George Marshall is the, "Featured Performer of the Week!"

George’s early adolescence and adulthood were spent much the same as everyone else; working at an early age, marrying and raising a family. Always singing or humming any one of his favorite tunes, his dream was shelved to make way for reality and responsibilities. After an eye-opening auto accident in late 2006, the realization that he might not ever fulfill his dreams spurred him to write his first original song “Right Before My Eyes”. With the support and encouragement of his family, he made the decision to change his career and is now fulfilling that dream full time.

To learn more about George, visit his Profile Page. And, to learn how you can become the "Featured Performer of the Week," click here.

Congratulations, George!

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