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Mick Cruz is the Featured Performer of the Week! | 03/05/2012 

Congratulations to Mick Cruz for securing over 17,000 hits to his profile page this past week! Ladies and gentlemen - say, "Hello!" to your "Featured Performer of the Week!" Mick Cruz is a walking modern-day country musician possibility. His first album will encompass words and music that will take you from romantic, serious, and hilarious journeys. His music is best described as Traditional Country Music with a touch of that new Texas Country sound. A triple threat and recognize as a singer, songwriter, and guitar player, he brings a unique style to records and is as diverse as anything being done today. To learn more about Mick, visit his Profile Page, and to learn how you can become the "Featured Performer of the Week," click here. Congratulations, Mick!

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